I couldn't believe I was looking at the same car when I went to pick up my BMW 3 series from Mark the other day. When I had left it with him earlier in the day, the paintwork on the bonnet had completely faded from red to pink and the rest of the car was looking really dull. After he had finished with it, the car looked as if it had come straight out of the showroom. Pleased beyond expectation. Thanks Mark.

Gino D, Bath


Top Marks Detailing - 10 out of 10!

My car is only months old; I wash it weekly with a conditioning shampoo and have waxed it every month. I was very pleased with it's appearance. So was my neighbour who said to Mark when he came to work on the car "you won't do it any better than Paul does" HE DID! He somehow gave the paintwork a holographic finish, that looks 6mm thick. The sun seemed to shine through it, reflecting from different colour metal flakes that previously had looked a comparatively flat colour. After Mark had gone i could not wait for it to rain. I wanted to see the rain globule effect on the finish. Surprisingly it has rained and the water seems to slide off the surface as does the dirt when I wash the car. The only down point is i am a little afraid to polish it because i might ruin the finish. No doubt it will be ok.

Paul L, Writhlington


I was amazed at how my car looked after Mark had detailed it. I have had my car since new, and always taken good care of it washing it and polishing it. It wasn't until Mark showed me all the swirls I had put on the paint that I asked him to detail it for me. I had never seen my car so brilliantly shiny and clean and not a swirl in sight. Fantastic. Even the wheel arches were spotless. I was very impressed and can thoroughly recommend Mark. He worked really hard for the whole day and the money was well worth the end result. I will be letting Mark maintain my car from here on in, as when I eventually sell it, it'll be in tip top condition. Thanks Mark

Jane M, Bath


Hi Mark Just wanted to put in writing how totally amazing the detailing was on the Rangey! The car was restored to its former glory - in fact, it looked as if it had come straight from the Showroom. Knowing what a total workhorse the car was, and how dirty, muddy and dull the paintwork was: we were totally bowled over by the end result. The alloys were SO clean and the paintwork SO shiny - it was unbelievable. Even now; having been exposed to all the elements of hard work again, the special treatments you applied to the bodywork are still apparent and doing their job! Thank you for all your very hard work, and we will definitely be using your company again and again, and have no hesitation in recommending you to friends, colleagues and future customers. All the best

Fran U, Bath


I was delighted with the attention to detail and time spent making my car as good as the day I collected it from the showroom. The time spent, on all aspects of the car, was superb and I was particularly impressed with the results of the wheels and wheel arches. Several of my neighbours were so impressed; they booked to have their cars detailed too. Thanks again from a very pleased Porsche Cayenne driver.

Peter Brooks, Managing Director Office Watercoolers


On the 1st. November 2008, some sixteen months after taking delivery of the then new BMW 118I SE, Senior Consultant Mark MacPhee of ‘TopMarksDetailing’ transferred the car onto the drive ready for an operation involving intricate and painstaking procedures reviving it back to a very healthy showroom condition. After some 5 hours of ‘Cosmetic Surgery’ the car was returned to the recovery ward (Our Garage) in a prestine condition. After a few days of rest the car was taken out of the garage and so far, having been exposed to various driving conditions and elements, the special materials used have certainly resulted in maintaining its appearance I was very impressed, as were my neighbours from similar results on various car models, with the professional approach and detailed attention paid by Mark, incorporating the inside of the car, the wheels and surrounds, windows, and paintwork in restoring my car to its original appearance. Thank you and a fantastic result. Highly Commendable.

Anthony J Jones, Winterbourne


The paintwork on my 2004 Subaru Impreza was starting to look a bit dull so I approached TopMarksDetailing to see if I could be brought back to life. Being black it shows every blemish and when the sun comes out the swirl marks show up even more. After talking to Mark he suggested a full paint correction using a clay bar and then machine polisher, he then demonstrated what could be achieved on a small patch. After seeing this I booked the car in immediately.

When time came to pick the car up I was amazed with the results, the car looked immaculate. Gone was the dull grey finish, replaced by a very deep black gloss that reflects light like a mirror and the gold metal flecks shone out in the sun. Even some of the deeper scratches that I thought couldn’t be removed were gone. The wheels and brake callipers came up like new and the interior has never been so clean.

Many thanks for your hard work Mark and thanks for the advice on how to keep it looking good.

Jon, Midsomer Norton